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DIY HHO Dry Cell Kits

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From reading many of the hho blogs and hho forums I can see that many have made a common mistake about hydrogen fuel. Many believe that the hho gas being produced by the hho dry cell is simply being burned as a fuel. If this was the case there would be no added energy savings from the drycell because the energy used to produce hho gas equals the energy produced by the hho gas.

What you need to understand is that gas from the hydrogen fuel generator is improving the combustion process of the gasoline. This is how an hho generator produces more energy than it consumes in the production process.

Simply put, the Browns Gas improves the combustion process of gasoline. Instead of 70 to 80% of the fuel being wasted in an inefficient fuel burning system, more of the fuel is used before your engine discards the waste.


If you have any questions about an hho dry cell, feel free to go to our hho forum. If you need help with free hho plans go to our free hho plans page, or download free hho dry cell plans. If you would like to purchase an hho kit, go to our hydrogen generator page.


Hydrogen Fuel


I'll admit, there are many HHO scams out there, you'll hear con men saying that you can get up to 100% fuel savings from the use of a Hydrogen Generator. The fact is that the average fuel savings will be somewhere around 20 to 40%. Anything over this is so rare that I will not even mention higher fuel savings.

hhoWe at DIY HHO noticed long ago that there were several sites claiming to offer these Hho Plans for free, but they were only misleading people. When you got to their so called free plans for hho kits, it was just a site trying to sell you plans, you remember them! We started offering truly free Hho Plans and now it has taken off, while the websites we exposed for their deceptive practices are now trying to discredit us, there are a few good sites out there that have followed our lead. Spread the word and let's get this technology out there.

You may be wondering about the news medias recent attacks on this technology, the fact of the matter is that all of the tests they have ran did not include the installation of an EFIE ( electronic fuel injection enhancer ). It is a known fact that most modern fuel injected vehicles will need an EFIE installed in order for the hho dry cell to function properly and increase your fuel savings. Follow this link to learn more about the EFIE.

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Hydrogen on Demand

The hydrogen gas that is produced from the use of a hydrogen generator, or hho dry cell, is not stored on the vehicle, it is burned as it is produced. Huge Corporations have wasted billions of dollars in an attempt to produce an economical way in which to store hydrogen gas on board a vehicle, they have failed. The average user of hydrogen on demand, hydrogen generator, reports an average of thirty to forty percent fuel savings.

With so many different types of alternative energy ideas now hitting the market today, it is easy to be overcome, and in fact, be na've to everything that you hear. History, reputation and ratings will always serve as your best teacher. The first combustion engine that utilized hydrogen was designed by Francois Isaac deRivaz in 1807. Several patents were filed following this idea but were overpowered by cheap and readily available gas and diesel. There was no need to pursue an extra alternative fuel at the time.

William Robert Grove giving yet another option to hydrogen-powered vehicles first introduced the fuel cell in 1838. This seems to be the direction that auto manufacturers have chosen to follow recently but the drawbacks continue to hinder its advancement. Humidity, replacement costs of short lived fuel cells, unsafe and onboard storage of hydrogen and catalytic poisoning are issues that have a long way to go before the general public will be able to see any feasibility to purchasing these new vehicles.

hho-kitHydrogen on demand, becoming better known as HOD, points to a much more practical and cost effective method in utilizing hydrogen as an alternative fuel source. Proven that a hydrogen-rich chemical compound is capable of forcing hydrogen into a car's existing fuel system, the process is simple and not expensive to manufacturers or the end user.

Several companies from around the globe are embracing this new challenge from an old idea and retrofitting existing systems with today's technology to meet the needs of our society. One recent example presented at the 2007 International Car Show in Seattle, Washington used a 2005 Ford Ranger XL to prove the point. This new system showed how gas mileage was increased from 8mpg to 40 mpg by simply implementing the HOD method.

Burning cleaner fuel, saving fuel, improving our atmosphere and being able to implement this technology right now on both existing and new vehicles is the best solution. When the facts are presented, the history learned and the logic realized, is there really any other conclusion as to what we must do today?

Give your gasoline that extra "Punch" "HHO" is the way to go.

We will soon be listing a complete hho dry cell kit, and no, it is not those water 4 gas mason jars.


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Best HHO Dry Cell Kit

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